Ekho are quickly establishing themselves within the professional music industry with the absolute quality of their builds and the ultimate in affordability. These speakers are beyond competitive, designed to match the performance and power of other top rated speakers. These speakers deserve their place within those they are designed on.

The sturdy wooden build offers the internal components protection from outside damage whilst maintaining an ease of transport. The sturdy grill assists in protecting the woofers so you can keep the music and bass pumping.

All in all these speakers are a must buy for those wanting to be seen as professionals and to have the sound of a true professional.

The Ekho CX15 is renowned for its excellent build and sound quality offering a WHOPPING 800W, as a passive loudspeaker. Having a moulded front, with the convenience of a carry handle, means the protection of both the 15 inch cone and molded horn driver from external damage is vastly greater than any normal passive speaker. The low end frequency and high end frequency both have amazing presence with Ekho's unique design and build. With a warmth to the lower end bass and a crisp crystal clarity to the higher.

The huge Ekho CX215 passive speaker is at the top of the CX range. The power rating of these speakers are 700 watts RMS a speaker. This means that they are EXTREMELY loud units. You wouldn't want a quiet speaker afterall. Having a peak of 1200 watts allows for those cheeky loud bits in music such as hooks and snare hits as well as lovely bass frequencies.